Welcome to Anddew!

Census Data

General Information

  • Pop. Estimate: 77
  • Children: 11.69% (9)
  • Elderly: 24.68% (19)

Racial Breakdown

  • 37 minotaur (48%)
  • 19 bugbear (24.6%)
  • 13 drow (16.8%)
  • 5 elf (6.4%)
  • 1 gnome (1.2%)
  • 1 half-dwarf (1.2%)
  • 1 other (1.2%)


  • 2 Districts
  • 0 Businesses
  • 0 Specialists
  • 12 Residences

Summary [-]

Anddew is a settlement in the Nillman Territory with a mixed population.

Environment [-]

Geography [-]

This desolate settlement is sparsely populated (24/sq km), covers 3.21 square kilometers, and roughly has a diameter of 2021 meters.

Climate [-]

Anddew has a Tropical Savanna climate, which is characterized by constant high temperatures and a pronounced dry season, and has rainy and dry seasons. Winds in the region are non-existent and the temperature is generally hot with high variation. Precipitation is trivial, and the sky is mostly cloudy.

Astronomy [-]

Anddew sees a single star overhead: Tok, a small white star. Anddew also has a double moon: Mole, a large pale yellow moon and Spome, an average rusty red moon. In the night sky, you see a celestial object: a tiny nearby planet that has been around for only a few years.

Cityscape [-]

Walls [-]

No walls currently surround the city.

Streets [-]

There are 6 roads leading to Anddew; 3 roads are major. The city is lined with well-maintained dirt tracks in a looped pattern.

Districts [-]

The city is broken into the following districts: market and trade.

Government [-]

Anddew is governed through a theocracy, where a deity is recognized as the supreme civil ruler, but the deity's laws are interpreted by ecclesiastical authorities. The government as a whole is seen as efficient. Officials in Anddew are often seen as underhanded and the policies are despised. The political influence of Anddew in the region is maturing due to racial tensions. In times of crisis, the population gives up their freedom in exchange for security.

Leader [-]

Anddew is ruled by Elder Xteb Laughmouth. The Elder has been in power for years and is despised by the people. There is minor opposition to the Elder and policies. The right to rule was granted by consensus, and that power is maintained through spying and assassination.

Laws [-]

Laws are enforced by a trade guild, but are loosely enforced. Justice is served by jurors, with a common punishment being hard labor.

Crime [-]

Crime is rare. The most common crime is treason. The imprisonment rate is 0.00% of the population (0 adults).

Military [-]

Anddew has a positive attitude towards the military. Their standing army of 10 citizens (13.5%) is at the ready, with a reserve force of 4 (5.5%). Of the active duty military, 0 (5.5%) are special forces. Due to their positive attitude and lack of defensible wall, Anddew is badly fortified. Anddew fighters are much loved for their use of bastard swords in battle. They are praised for their hoarde tactics and are considered abysmally skilled in battle.

Economy [-]

The economy in Anddew is currently vibrant.

Resources [-]

Anddew is known for the following resources:

  • Parrot companies that are hunted by zombies.
  • A new fort inhabited by vampire cormorants that are hunted by children.
  • A magical mine inhabited by defenseless beavers that are avoided by vampires. Somoeone said someone found a stash of copper in a well.

Culture [-]

Legends [-]

Around town you'll hear the following legends:
  • Long, long ago in a city far, far away, a lich named Gheal stalked the woods and was drawn towards misbehaving children. Commoners say that if you caught her, you will die within 24 hours.
  • Legends tell of Duap's Ring, a possessed ring with the power to make someone speak the truth. It mysteriously disappeared.
  • Years ago, a monster named Dabel stalked the fields before dawn. Folks say that if you face her, you will be driven mad.
  • A long time ago, a murderer named Teb frequented the fields. People say that if you face him, you will be stricken blind.
  • Legends tell of Gozraz' Painting, a legendary painting with the power to solve any riddle. It disappeared after an attack by bandits.

Events [-]

Anddew is a lively city with many opportunities available.

Job Postings [-]

You'll find the following job postings:
  • Needed: brain moles-catcher needed to keep the beasties away from the sheep and cattle. Reward is a priceless heirloom. Must be a quick learner. A little danger is involved, so expect hazardous duty pay. Contact Tbor Giantstomach.
  • Scholar seeks rare supplies: Scholar unable to gather fresh paper due to age, seeks trustworthy agents to gather materials for research. Reward is a secret. Contact Zhud Legsnapper.
  • I'm looking for a Transcriber. Need expert to translate runes. Opportunity to earn a title. Contact Thuzgash Armcracker for more details.
  • Help Needed: I'm looking for a Transcriber. Need expert to translate runes. Will owe you a huge favor. Contact Dzuub Ghosttshadow if interested.
  • I'm looking for rare mephits, both live and dead. I have a list of the ones I need. Opportunity to earn a title. Contact Porkaro if intrigued.
  • Want to earn some quick coin? Kot Dreaddoom has been kidnapped! Generous payment for safe return. Reward available. Contact Dan Blackwood if intrigued.

People [-]

The people in Anddew are critical of outsiders.

Citizens [-]

The following citizens are worth mentioning:
  • Dikoz Neckcracker is a male bugbear who is known in the neighborhood as being a reasonably skilled locksmith. He appears mopey.
  • Davry Benford is a female half-dwarf who is known in the city as being a decent rugmaker. She appears cautious.
  • Erhiainne Baequiwater is a female elf who is known in the city as being a laughably skilled cobbler. She appears insecure.
  • Hecariru Darkmane is a male minotaur who is known in the city as being a reasonably skilled woodcarver. He appears forgetful.
  • Kexn Greatmurder is a male bugbear who is known in the neighborhood as being a legendary miller. He appears exhausted.
  • Jamry Matleton is a male half-dwarf who is known in the world as being a poorly skilled potter. He appears trusting.
  • Jenmida Rockettonk is a male gnome who is known in the region as being a mediocre armorer. He appears nihilistic.
  • Daves Southcroft is a male half-dwarf who is known in the city as being a laughably skilled roofer. He appears homesick.

Travelers [-]

The following travelers are worth mentioning:
  • Faevarthil Kennyrgrove, a flirtatious female elf. She is a druid who is here to destroy an artifact.

Locales [-]

Establishments [-]

These establishments worthy of mention in Anddew:

  • The Honest Hearthstone Shop [+]
  • The Shallow Skull Timber Mill [+]
  • The Leaping Dungeon Glass Crafters [+]
  • The Oiled Axehandle Purse Shop [+]
  • The Blabbering Frog Inc. [+]
  • The Snoring Monkey Healers [+]
  • The Tattered Pony Worship House [+]
  • The Wistful Hops Outlet [+]