Welcome to Venon! (275332)


Venon is an average, pleasant planet orbiting a binary star. Venon has a single moon, a thick blue atmosphere and fresh water is common. The surface of the planet is 14% covered by water.

World Data

  • Stars: 2
  • Moons: 1
  • Celestial Objects: 3
  • Weather: pleasant
  • Sky: blue
  • Size: average
  • Year: 54 days
  • Day: 35 hours
  • Oceans: 14%
  • Fresh water: common


Venon orbits a binary star: Abac, a large white star and Luc, a large yellow star. Venon also has a single moon: Sinoka, a small bone white moon. In the night sky, you see three celestial objects: a miniscule nearby planet that has been around for time immemorial, a massive black hole that has been around for generations, and an imposing supernova that has been around for decades. During the day, the sky is blue.


Venon is 655,609,473 square kilometers (with a circumference of 45,383 kilometers). Surface water is rare, covering 14% of the planet. Around 40% of the planet's water is fresh water. The crust is split into 23 plates, resulting in 7 continents.


While Venon has a reasonable amount of variation, the overall climate is pleasant. Small storms are rare, precipitation is scarce, the atmosphere is thick and clouds are abundant.