Welcome to Wardstone!

Census Data

General Information

  • Pop. Estimate: 740
  • Children: 11.35% (84)
  • Elderly: 25.00% (185)

Racial Breakdown

  • 618 human (83.5%)
  • 92 half-elf (12.4%)
  • 11 half-orc (1.4%)
  • 11 other (1.4%)
  • 8 halfling (1%)


  • 4 Districts
  • 33 Businesses
  • 52 Specialists
  • 92 Residences

Summary [-]

Wardstone is a village in the Lower Moolsakdia Region with a normal population.

Environment [-]

Geography [-]

This modest village is lightly populated (1,181/sq km), covers 0.63 square kilometers, and roughly has a diameter of 895 meters.

Climate [-]

Wardstone has a Temperate Deciduous Forest climate, which is characterized by warm and wet summers with mild and dry winters, and has prevernal, spring, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter seasons. Winds in the region are mild and the temperature is generally unbearably cold with little variation. Precipitation is strong, and the sky is mostly cloudy.

Astronomy [-]

Wardstone sees a single star overhead: Mexub, an average white star. Wardstone also has no moons. In the night sky, you see two celestial objects: an imposing black hole that has been around for centuries and an imposing supernova that has been around for all eternity.

Cityscape [-]

Walls [-]

Visitors are greeted with a sturdy Iron barrier that is 15 meters tall. The city wall protects the core 100% of the city, with 5 towers spread along the 3.88 kilometer wall.

Streets [-]

There are 5 roads leading to Wardstone; 2 roads are major. The city is lined with broken dirt roads in a looped pattern.

Districts [-]

The city is broken into the following districts: market, wealthy, trade, and industry.

Government [-]

Wardstone is governed through a republic, where the people's elected representatives, not the people themselves, vote on legislation.. The government as a whole is seen as mostly sufficient. Officials in Wardstone are often seen as fair and the policies are loved. The political influence of Wardstone in the region is negligible due to riots in the region. In times of crisis, the population stages ineffective protests.

Leader [-]

Wardstone is ruled by Governor Dzuun Ghosttmurder. The Governor has been in power for years and is feared by the people. There is violent opposition to the Governor and policies. The right to rule was granted by foreign imposition, and that power is maintained by secret police raiding homes in the dead of night.

Laws [-]

Laws are enforced by a local gangs, who can be bribed. Justice is served without trial, with a common punishment being execution.

Crime [-]

Crime is rare. The most common crime is petty theft. The imprisonment rate is 1.22% of the population (9 adults).

Military [-]

Wardstone has a reverent attitude towards the military. Their standing army of 107 citizens (14.5%) is at the ready, with a reserve force of 46 (6.25%). Of the active duty military, 5 (5%) are special forces. Due to their reverent attitude and sturdy barrier, Wardstone is moderately fortified. Wardstone fighters are revered for their use of harpoons in battle. They are hated for their frenzied fighting and are considered suitably skilled in battle.

Economy [-]

The economy in Wardstone is currently unwavering.

Resources [-]

Wardstone is known for the following resources:

  • Paltry pigment banks that are visited frequently by travelers. Jederas Longwalker said the locals speak of piles of monkey wrenches hidden around somewhere.
  • Rich timber plantations that are avoided by vampires. Rumors tell of piles of kitten mittens buried near there.
  • An old grave yard inhabited by defenseless parrots that are frequented by zombies. One might dig up a chest containing monkey wrenches buried near there.

Culture [-]

Legends [-]

Around town you'll hear the following legends:
  • Legends tell of Snormir's Key, a cursed key with the ability to speak for itself. It was stolen from a locked vault.
  • In olden times, the townsfolk of Coplag Town lived happily. Things were always nice, but one day a spirit named Trexn Metaldamn stole a priceless heirloom. The townsfolk tried to kill Trexn Metaldamn, but were caught. Along came Dav Chrishews the human, who was a valiant knight. Dav had an idea to slay the spirit by causing a distraction while others struck. When Dav Chrishews faced the spirit, Dav Chrishews defeated Trexn Metaldamn.
  • Years ago, the villagers of Eddyrard lived in peace. Things were peaceful, but one day an evil vampire named Surpg slayed a local hero. The villagers tried to stop the vampire, but were caught. Along came a cautious elf named Ilyvarai Wolfstar, who was a sneaky thief. Ilyvarai had an idea to slay the vampire by causing a distraction while others struck. When Ilyvarai Wolfstar faced the vampire, Ilyvarai Wolfstar banished Surpg.
  • Legends tell of Bordin's Rose, a possessed rose with the power to cause others to fall asleep. It hasn't reappeared in years.
  • Legends tell of Po's Brooch, a unique brooch with the power to find any item. It was never recovered.

Events [-]

Wardstone is a lively city with many opportunities available.

Job Postings [-]

You'll find the following job postings:
  • Help Wanted: Merchant seeks caravan master, cartographer, navigator, and experienced mercenaries for trade expedition. Must submit to magical scrutiny. Will pay in gold. Contact Mok Damncutter.
  • Help Wanted: Bored? Laborer required to bring stones to the castle. Wagon provided. Will pay in gold. Contact Tean if interested.
  • Wanted: Require an instructor learned in self defense to tutor my child. Reward is a secret. Contact Jamry Brownngham if intrigued.
  • Looking for work? seed spitting contest this weekend. Special prize for first place finish. May include some hazards. Opportunity to earn a title. Contact Ilgas Bregspire to learn more.
  • I'm looking for a Transcriber. Need expert to translate runes. Must provide your own transportation. Reward is a priceless heirloom. Contact Gaeriganae Cyredwalker.
  • Needed: Want to earn some quick coin? Adventurers willing to explore recently discovered ruins and return any valuable artifacts. Reward available. Contact Micke Corford.
  • Help Needed: Someone stole my painting. Find the louse, dead or alive. Will reward you with a land deed. Contact Tgomn Giantcutter.
  • A passing Cleric is needed for a small security job on the 3rd of the month. Must be a quick learner. Reward is a priceless heirloom. Contact Bap.
  • Wanted: Bored? I'm looking for a Negotiator. Prior experience with troublesome carniverous butterflies required. Will owe you a huge favor. Contact Dones VanFrancden.

People [-]

The people in Wardstone are accepting of outsiders.

Citizens [-]

The following citizens are worth mentioning:
  • Falda Hairyfox is a male halfling who is known in that part of town as being a renowned leatherworker. He appears territorial.
  • Dave Andretone is a male human who is known in the neighborhood as being a decent warehouse worker. He appears easily offended.
  • Bedi Bullstoat is a female halfling who is known in the region as being a poorly skilled cobbler. She appears chatty.
  • Amanelldo Gammidas is a female halfling who is known in the neighborhood as being a mocked pursemaker. She appears conspirational.
  • Zhaddurz Armnor is a male half-orc who is known in the region as being a skilled chandler. He appears battle-ready.
  • Tolcob Hillleaf is a female halfling who is known in that part of town as being a laughably skilled actor. She appears smug.
  • Ilyhiaai Waveears is a female half-elf who is known in that part of town as being a skilled deputy. She appears patronizing.
  • Joe Bererson is a male human who is known in the world as being a laughably skilled illuminator. He appears battle-ready.
  • Hilelne Gardnersall is a male halfling who is known in that part of town as being a skilled jailer. He appears impatient.
  • Adalentel Auvreawing is a male half-elf who is known in the region as being a poorly skilled glovemaker. He appears drunken.
  • Davry Browood is a male human who is known in that part of town as being a horribly skilled copyist. He appears melancholy.

Travelers [-]

The following travelers are worth mentioning:
  • Ama Honorlot, a lonely female halfling. She is a druid who is finding a long-lost friend.
  • Ninlita Gearbolt, a treasure-obsessed female gnome. She is a commoner who is here to buy slaves.
  • Don Maron, an egotistical male half-orc. He is a fighter who is finding a missing criminal.
  • Xtemt Wormshadow, an idealistic male hobgoblin. He is a commoner who is on a mission from the gods.
  • Gorgan Whiteeye, a prejudiced male oddball. He is a rogue who is doing something amazing.

Locales [-]

Establishments [-]

These establishments worthy of mention in Wardstone:

  • The Thirsty Iron Shrine [+]
  • The Wild Octopus Bath House [+]
  • The Chipped Ivy Inc. [+]
  • The Whistling Ivy Inc. [+]
  • The Wrong Frog Pile [+]
  • The Rusty Devil Inc. [+]
  • The Highlighted Silver Star Gazers [+]
  • The Wandering Thug Furs [+]
  • The Black Fig Inc. [+]
  • The Boiling Hops Fish Camp [+]
  • The Cloven Rock General Mechandise [+]