That reminds me of a story... (761963)


Around town, you'll hear the following legends:
  • In olden times, the villagers of Durinvista lived happily. Things were good, but one day a vampire named Guap Oakfang took over the town. The villagers tried to stop the vampire, but were caught. Along came a orc named Hozah Moksnapper, who was a sneaky thief. Hozah had a plan to trick the vampire by killing the vampire while he slept. When Hozah Moksnapper faced the vampire, Hozah Moksnapper tricked Guap Oakfang.
  • In the olden days, a wizard named Ubdbub lingered in the swamps when the wind blows from the east and was drawn towards thieves. Villagers say that if you hear him, you will be stricken deaf.
  • In days gone by, a Pooka hunted the fields. Villagers say that the Pooka will sneeze three times, then turn you into a mouse.
  • In days gone by, the constable of Larchdef thrived. Things were quiet, but one day an evil monster named Car slayed a local hero. The constable tried to stop the monster, but failed miserably. Along came Rap the kobold, who was an expert bowman. Rap had the thought to slay the monster by using magic to banish it. When Rap faced the monster, Rap banished Car and rescued Larchdef.
  • Way back when, a ghoul named Uzgorg roamed the field. Some say that if you face her, you will be stricken blind.
  • Legends tell of Zit's Key, a magical key with the power to summon angels. It hasn't reappeared in years.
  • Legends tell of Surpka's Sceptre, a cursed sceptre with the ability to solve any riddle. It hasn't reappeared in years.
  • Legends tell of Be's Harp, a magical harp with the ability to dominate others. It has been lost for ages.
  • In days gone by, a witch lingered in the world when the wind blows from the west and was drawn towards acts of greed. Folks say that the witch will offer you sweets, then turn you into a mouse.
  • Legends tell of Jun's Rose, a special rose with the knack to speak for itself. It mysteriously disappeared.