Welcome to Mars! (31464)


Mars is a large, hot planet orbiting a single star. Mars has a double moon, a slight red atmosphere and fresh water is scarce. The surface of the planet is 32% covered by water.

World Data

  • Stars: 1
  • Moons: 2
  • Celestial Objects: 0
  • Weather: hot
  • Sky: red
  • Size: large
  • Year: 284 days
  • Day: 34 hours
  • Oceans: 32%
  • Fresh water: scarce


Mars orbits a single star: Cel, an average yellow star. Mars also has a double moon: Chata, an average pale yellow moon and Thelepso, an average rusty red moon. In the night sky, you see nothing unusual. During the day, the sky is red.


Mars is 912,975,174 square kilometers (with a circumference of 53,551 kilometers). Surface water is common, covering 32% of the planet. Around 58% of the planet's water is fresh water. The crust is split into 9 plates, resulting in 3 continents.


While Mars has a reasonable amount of variation, the overall climate is hot. Small storms are common, precipitation is rare, the atmosphere is slight and clouds are scarce.