Welcome to Garville!

Census Data

General Information

  • Pop. Estimate: 727
  • Children: 40.03% (291)
  • Elderly: 4.40% (32)

Racial Breakdown

  • 622 human (85.5%)
  • 67 elf (9.2%)
  • 19 halfling (2.6%)
  • 18 half-dwarf (2.4%)
  • 1 other (0.1%)


  • 2 Districts
  • 33 Businesses
  • 52 Specialists
  • 95 Residences

Summary [-]

Garville is a village in the Conaem Territory with a normal population.

Environment [-]

Geography [-]

This modest village is sparsely populated (1,244/sq km), covers 0.58 square kilometers, and roughly has a diameter of 859 meters.

Climate [-]

Garville has a Tropical Rainforest climate, which is characterized by constant high temperatures, continual rain year-round, and has minimal natural seasons, and has negligible seasons. Winds in the region are wild and the temperature is generally warm with moderate variation. Precipitation is massive, and the sky is clear.

Astronomy [-]

Garville sees a single star overhead: Silon, an average red star. Garville also has no moons. In the night sky, you see two celestial objects: an imposing nebula that has been around for decades and an imposing asteroid belt that has been around for all eternity.

Cityscape [-]

Walls [-]

Visitors are greeted with a solid limestone rampart that is 8 meters tall. The city wall protects the core 100% of the city, with 5 towers spread along the 3.46 kilometer wall.

Streets [-]

There are 4 roads leading to Garville; 2 roads are major. The city is lined with broken cobblestone streets in a random mesh pattern.

Districts [-]

The city is broken into the following districts: wealthy and middleclass.

Government [-]

Garville is governed through a totalitarian government, where the government subordinates individuals by controlling all political and economic matters, as well as the attitudes, values, and beliefs. The government as a whole is seen as incapable of even simple tasks. Officials in Garville are often seen as equitable and the policies are hated. The political influence of Garville in the region is steady due to a thwarted assassination attempt. In times of crisis, the population stages ineffective protests.

Leader [-]

Garville is ruled by Captain Thetred Eaglemist. The Captain has been in power far longer than should be allowed and is honored by the people. There is hostile opposition to the Captain and policies. The right to rule was granted by hereditary succession, and that power is maintained through the acclaim of the nobles.

Laws [-]

Laws are enforced by a police, and are strictly enforced. Justice is served by mob rule, with a common punishment being maiming.

Crime [-]

Crime is unusual. The most common crime is domestic disturbance. The imprisonment rate is 1.24% of the population (9 adults).

Military [-]

Garville has a neutral attitude towards the military. Their standing army of 105 citizens (14.5%) is at the ready, with a reserve force of 43 (6%). Of the active duty military, 3 (3.75%) are special forces. Due to their neutral attitude and solid rampart, Garville is moderately fortified. Garville fighters are revered for their use of harpoons in battle. They are despised for their frenzied fighting and are considered suitably skilled in battle.

Economy [-]

The economy in Garville is currently vibrant.

Resources [-]

Garville is known for the following resources:

  • Peat swamps that are feared by children. Somoeone said someone found piles of penis sheathes in a dungeon.
  • Vampire elephant parades that are frequented by vampires. The locals speak of piles of emeralds in a nearby pit.
  • Bountiful cork bushes that are avoided by vampires.
  • A cursed fort inhabited by wild clams that are hunted by travelers. Ceeraz said somoeone said someone found bags of rubies in a dungeon.

Culture [-]

Legends [-]

Around town you'll hear the following legends:
  • In the olden days, an old man roamed the countryside during a red moon and was drawn towards thieves. Commoners say that the old man will offer you sweets, then sell you into slavery.

Events [-]

Garville is a lively city with many opportunities available.

Job Postings [-]

You'll find the following job postings:
  • Required: Seeking inter-planar messenger. Must be clean. Will owe you a huge favor. Contact Xtomn Greatmouth for further details.
  • Need a change of pace? Sorcerer seeks apprentice. Will owe you a huge favor. Contact Tomdan Electrobun.
  • Looking for work? I'm looking for a Transcriber. Need expert to translate runes. Reward is a secret. Accidental Death insurance required. May include some hazards. Contact Tgun Damngloom.
  • Help Needed: Scholar seeks rare supplies: Scholar unable to gather certain supplies due to age, seeks trustworthy agents to gather materials for research. Will pay in gold. Contact Ghurog Legnor to learn more.
  • Adventurers willing to explore recently discovered ruins and return any valuable artifacts. Reward available. Contact Ganthirell Eagletalon if interested.
  • I'm looking for a Transcriber. Need expert to translate runes. Reward available. May include some hazards. Contact Davic Haron if intrigued.
  • feral cats-catcher needed to keep the beasties away from the sheep and cattle. Will pay in gold. Must be a quick learner. Contact Cot Tiddlyfuel.
  • Rogue seeks apprentice. Length of job expected to be short. Reward is a priceless heirloom. Contact Ceeg.
  • Needed: Bored? Hearty souls needed to recover stolen wagon wheel. Reward is a secret. Contact Gusuh Skullripper.

People [-]

The people in Garville accept outsiders.

Citizens [-]

The following citizens are worth mentioning:
  • Jamey Giaconson is a female half-dwarf who is known in the city as being a mediocre grocer. She appears apologetic.
  • Chanalanae Summersong is a female elf who is known in that part of town as being a mocked haymerchant. She appears scattered.
  • Darvarlleu Shadowgrove is a male elf who is known in the world as being a mediocre prostitute. He appears clumsy.
  • Tol Coldshaker is a female halfling who is known in the world as being a poorly skilled porter. She appears cautious.
  • Jame Jameill is a male human who is known in the city as being a laughably skilled illuminator. He appears fashion concious.
  • Micke Petrin is a male human who is known in the city as being a poorly skilled armorer. He appears territorial.
  • Yorrin Roarfist is a male half-dwarf who is known in the neighborhood as being a mediocre collier. He appears fatalistic.
  • Ilartiyn Skyhand is a male elf who is known in the world as being a poorly skilled ostler. He appears trusting.
  • Tolly Littleeye is a male halfling who is known in the neighborhood as being a mediocre entertainer. He appears grieving.
  • Ada Lightningbottom is a female halfling who is known in the neighborhood as being a gifted innkeeper. She appears prejudiced.
  • Hildo Moontaunt is a male halfling who is known in that part of town as being a decent locksmith. He appears guarded.

Travelers [-]

The following travelers are worth mentioning:
  • Jamry MacGilsford, a thick male half-dwarf. He is a commoner who is delivering a message to a ruler.
  • Dogan Bearbranch, a grieving male oddball. He is an adept who is seeking dishonest work.
  • Hodok Armnor, a chatty female half-orc. She is a cleric who is on a mission from the gods.
  • Thorbin Granitevein, a forgetful male deep dwarf. He is a rogue who is seeing the city.
  • Surpzer, a mocking female troglodyte. She is a wizard who is brokering a truce over escalating tension.
  • Faeellava Duskingfeather, a mocking male elf. He is a cleric who is finding a missing friend.

Locales [-]

Establishments [-]

These establishments worthy of mention in Garville:

  • The Musty Mead Gloves [+]
  • The Open Thug Fine Bows [+]
  • The Open Urchin Fine Bows [+]
  • The Violent Days Inc. [+]
  • The Honest Bag Druggist [+]
  • The Wanton Tree Grave Diggers [+]
  • The Red Beauty Work Camp [+]
  • The Crimson Yawning Inc. [+]
  • The Shallow Harpoon Lumber Mill [+]
  • The Nomadic Wagon Inc. [+]
  • The Lecherous Cup Blowers [+]