Welcome to Dowget!

Census Data

General Information

  • Pop. Estimate: 969
  • Children: 21.88% (212)
  • Elderly: 17.44% (169)

Racial Breakdown

  • 873 half-elf (90%)
  • 67 elf (6.9%)
  • 17 halfling (1.7%)
  • 12 other (1.2%)


  • 5 Districts
  • 51 Businesses
  • 86 Specialists
  • 99 Residences

Summary [-]

Dowget is a large village in the Central Venkilish Domain with a normal population.

Environment [-]

Geography [-]

This modest large village is nominally populated (1,824/sq km), covers 0.53 square kilometers, and roughly has a diameter of 821 meters.

Climate [-]

Dowget has a Temperate Deciduous Forest climate, which is characterized by warm and wet summers with mild and dry winters, and has prevernal, spring, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter seasons. Winds in the region are mild and the temperature is generally mild with little variation. Precipitation is massive, and the sky is clear.

Astronomy [-]

Dowget sees a single star overhead: Sil, an average orange star. Dowget also has no moons. In the night sky, you see two celestial objects: a massive galaxy that has been around for decades and an imposing asteroid belt that has been around for all eternity.

Cityscape [-]

Walls [-]

Visitors are greeted with a solid granite stockade that is 10 meters tall. The city wall protects the core 100% of the city, with 5 towers spread along the 2.61 kilometer wall.

Streets [-]

There are 2 roads leading to Dowget; 1 road is major. The city is lined with pristine cobblestone streets in a warped parallel pattern.

Districts [-]

The city is broken into the following districts: market, warehouse, trade, professional, and civic.

Government [-]

Dowget is governed through a constitutional government, where an authoritative document sets forth the system of fundamental laws and limits of that government. The government as a whole is seen as clearly incompetent. Officials in Dowget are often seen as reasonable and the policies are mocked. The political influence of Dowget in the region is wasting away due to food shortages in the region. In times of crisis, the population stages ineffective protests.

Leader [-]

Dowget is ruled by Governor Xtoten Greatbasher. The Governor has been in power far longer than should be allowed and is ridiculed by the people. There is strong opposition to the Governor and policies. The right to rule was granted by hereditary succession, and that power is maintained through random violence.

Laws [-]

Laws are enforced by a police, and are strictly enforced. Justice is served by mob rule, with a common punishment being maiming.

Crime [-]

Crime is unheard of. The most common crime is petty theft. The imprisonment rate is 1.34% of the population (13 adults).

Military [-]

Dowget has a positive attitude towards the military. Their standing army of 140 citizens (14.5%) is at the ready, with a reserve force of 58 (6%). Of the active duty military, 5 (4%) are special forces. Due to their positive attitude and solid stockade, Dowget is moderately fortified. Dowget fighters are hated for their use of martial arts in battle. They are despised for their frenzied fighting and are considered suitably skilled in battle.

Economy [-]

The economy in Dowget is currently crumbling.

Resources [-]

Dowget is known for the following resources:

  • Rubber trees that are frequented by travelers. Somoeone said someone found a chest containing diamonds in a tomb nearby.
  • Ancient rubber plantations that are feared by witches.

Culture [-]

Legends [-]

Around town you'll hear the following legends:
  • Some time ago, a monster named Git haunted the fields. People say that if you hear her, you will be stricken deaf.
  • In olden times, the townsfolk of Dalovka lived happily. Things were always nice, but one day a serial killer named Harm took a hostage and demanded a ransom. The townsfolk tried to kill Harm, but didn't get close. Along came Srazugh Skullkiller the bugbear, who was a skilled storyteller. Srazugh had a plan to trick the serial killer by causing a distraction while others struck. When Srazugh Skullkiller faced the serial killer, Srazugh Skullkiller tricked Harm and was killed in the process.
  • In times gone by, a Boogyman lingered in the streets. Folks say that the Boogyman will offer you sweets, then eat you.
  • In days gone by, the constable of Innshall thrived. Things were quiet, but one day a vampire named Gkutezn Ghostthowl stole a priceless heirloom. The constable tried to stop the vampire, but were caught. Along came a gnome named Cardan Tiddlyblast, who was a skilled storyteller. Cardan had a plan to trick the vampire by using magic to banish it. When Cardan Tiddlyblast faced the vampire, Cardan Tiddlyblast tricked Gkutezn Ghostthowl and was killed in the process.

Events [-]

Dowget is a lively city with many opportunities available.

Job Postings [-]

You'll find the following job postings:
  • Needed: I'm looking for rare lizards, both live and dead. I have a list of the ones I need. Reward available. Contact Gip.
  • Looking for something new? Merchant seeks caravan master, cartographer, navigator, and experienced mercenaries for trade expedition. Will reward you with a land deed. Contact Lomir Clawsmasher.
  • Lockpick needed for totally legitimate reasons. Will reward you with a land deed. Contact Xterm Foulhost if interested.
  • Bored? I'm looking for a Transcriber. Need expert to translate runes. Reward is a secret. Guild membership required. Contact Darvarlas Auvreamoon.
  • Need a change of pace? Someone stole my wagon wheel. Find the louse, dead or alive. Reward available. Special attire required. Contact Illnalthil Featherbow if interested.
  • woodcutting contest this weekend. Special prize for first place finish. Reward available. Contact Ibunk Mokripper.
  • Help Needed: Monk seeks apprentice. Will reward you with a land deed. Contact Rrazgig Skullnor for more information.
  • Bounty for rabbits, dead or alive. Reward is a priceless heirloom. Mild danger may be involved. Contact Narods Ghosttbeast.
  • Needed: A passing Sorcerer is needed for a small security job on the 3rd of the month. Experienced professionals only. Will pay in gold. Contact Xrods Nightslay.
  • I have squirrels in my basement, plz halp! Will pay in gold. Contact Gobal Rockfang.

People [-]

The people in Dowget hate outsiders.

Citizens [-]

The following citizens are worth mentioning:
  • Ilhiaai Blackhand is a female elf who is known in the region as being a horribly skilled copyist. She appears fashion concious.
  • Elriganae Rilynnmoon is a female elf who is known in the world as being a mediocre warehouse worker. She appears clumsy.
  • Amagoldly Bolgerbones is a male halfling who is known in the neighborhood as being a mediocre timberwright. He appears mopey.
  • Tol Millroarer is a female halfling who is known in the city as being a decent jeweler. She appears guilty.
  • Dones Francell is a female half-elf who is known in the neighborhood as being a poorly skilled weaver. She appears apologetic.
  • Lartlleu Skysinger is a female elf who is known in the world as being a decent soldier. She appears violent.
  • Perine Tealeaf is a male halfling who is known in the city as being a skilled cooper. He appears grieving.
  • Aesellthil Goldnight is a male elf who is known in the world as being a decent tinker. He appears authoritarian.
  • Cogrim Gammaker is a male halfling who is known in the region as being a mocked maidservant. He appears guilty.
  • Hil Cottonone is a male halfling who is known in the world as being a renowned maidservant. He appears insecure.
  • Darvarai Featherform is a male half-elf who is known in the city as being a renowned bucklemaker. He appears gambling.
  • Delelllleu Rilynnshield is a female elf who is known in the neighborhood as being a skilled woodworker. She appears self-obsessed.

Travelers [-]

The following travelers are worth mentioning:
  • Malcone Boffinbottom, a clumsy female halfling. She is a wizard who is here to destroy a rumor.
  • Ilyarttel Brightglider, an authoritarian male elf. He is a cleric who is traveling the world as a beggar.
  • Elavarinne Fireears, a fatalistic female half-elf. She is an adept who is traveling with an expidition.
  • Jamey Gilling, a treasure-obsessed male half-elf. He is an expert who is brokering a truce over escalating tension.

Locales [-]

Establishments [-]

These establishments worthy of mention in Dowget:

  • The Frosty Wagonhouse Temple [+]
  • The Chicken Dungeon Farmers Market [+]
  • The Slippery Wig Cloth [+]
  • The Dwarven Hen Shop [+]
  • The Crimson Elves Inc. [+]
  • The Slade Oarhouse Charity [+]
  • The Lazy Crow Shop [+]
  • The Dancing Pot Inc. [+]
  • The Elven Clowns Money Lenders [+]
  • The Golden Jane Inc. [+]
  • The Laughing Halflings Wainwright [+]
  • The Violet Swagger Kennels [+]